Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am kind of slacking on the bloggin'.
Hannah and Isaac have been in swimming lessons for the last 2 weeks. They finally wrapped it up last Thursday and they BOTH PASSED! I am so excited. It's a bummer when you have to tell them that they have to redo the class and I didn't have to do any of that this round. As you can see Isaac thinks he's Superman. Most the kids in his class had the teachers assistance dropping them into the water but not Isaac. Now Hannah has the option of joining swim team. However, she also has to make the decision of weather she wants to do that or gymnastics. Swim team is 3 days a week and gymnastics is 2 so we just can't be stretched that thin.

And on a side note - Owen got his 1st 2 teeth in on the bottom. We can totally handle it if he gets them all in 2 at a time. I am really hoping he cheers up a little in life now that they are though.
Owen is also being baptised tomorrow. I know it's about time right. He's already 5 months old.

Friday, July 11, 2008

This that and the other thing.

Two weeks ago we went to Como Zoo with my parents and had the best time. Avril had never been to a zoo and she has a small obsession with monkeys so we just had to go. She was so cute the whole day. She loves the little spider monkeys however, she did not like the orangutans with her little baby or the gorillas. She had a little melt down by those 2. My dad was so patient with the kids, he spent the whole day down at Avril's level making sure she could see. Then at the end we were all exhausted from walking in the heat all day so we went back in the park to get some ice cream and Avril spotted the monkey cage outside and went running towards it. I have no idea where she got that energy but, there was nothing stopping her.
Our 4th was pretty uneventful- we did go up north to my grandparents which was really nice. The kids go to go tubing on uncle Tony's boat and the fireworks were kind of a bummer because we were attached by these annoying little bugs. We are going up to Grand Rapids (Tony's) this weekend so we hope to get in some good fishing and more tubing.

On Wednesday I brought Hannah in for a hair cut and she decided to go short with it. She cut off about 6 inches but, I think it looks great on her. Its much easier for her to take care of.