Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby For Sale!

He's cute, cuddly, about 2 1/2 feet tall and incredibly busy!

Okay, so selling your baby is not appropriate but, this momma is getting tired. How is it that 19 months can be my favorite age and my least favorite at the same time.
Let me tell you why...
Almost a week ago, Owen decided to brave the outside world my climbing gracefully out of his crib during nap time. Since then he's been on the run. Mommy lays him down, Owen climbs out...he barely waits until I'm around the corner now. Well fine I can be mean mommy sometimes but even that doesn't work! Nap times now consists of 1 hour, where he wakes up extremely crabby and mornings start at about 6:15. The hardest part of it all is if you don't happen to hear him creep out of his room, because if he's loose for any amount of time unsupervised the house is in ruins. I'm also upset about this because I figure if your going to crawl out of the crib then we can get rid of it. Right? Well in Owens world that would be a No! He loves his crib, he loves his blankies, and he loves his nuk. That sure is a lot of baggage for a 19 month old!

But, why do I want to keep him all the same? Because when the older ones think I am lame, Owen thinks I'm funny. When I need to relax I have a lap partner and he doesn't care what I am doing as long as it's with him. When he gets excited he screams in joy and when he gets mad he shakes his head and says, "NO!" He loves doing dishes and laundry and never complains when I ask for his help.
What's not to love about this bundle of busy?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1st week down

1st week of school is in the past and we are coasting through the 2nd. Last week was so busy it came and went before I could blink. I am happy to report that all of the kids love their teachers and love school.Hannah loves being the oldest in her school. 4th graders are the big kids because 5th grade is now in Jr. High. I know it seems young but I have heard that they do just fine over there and the kids get to sleep in an extra hour. Anyways, she was a little disappointed on the 1st day that she didn't get to cart Isaac all around because the teachers helped the 1st graders. I'm just happy that she doesn't mind having her little brother around. She is actually quite protective over him and loves showing him new things. This however puts a little tension on Hannah when he starts joining the same sports that she is in or has done. (More to come in a minute) Keep in mind that Hannah is more of a social butterfly then a competitor so when her brother is around I don't think it will take him as much effort to be better then Hannah. I'm not saying this negatively, I just don't think it's going to go well when it happens.Isaac loves being in 1st grade. He walked off the bus on the 1st day with his chest puffed up like he just completed the most important day of his life. He couldn't have gotten a better teacher either. Mrs. Griffin, Joe and I all went to school together so we know each other quite well. Mrs. Griffin has reported to me that she loves having Isaac in her class and that he is always a good listener and is usually the 1st one ready for instruction. I can't say enough how proud of my kids I am. I am happy that I (so far) have had very respectful kids. Isaac also loves doing his homework as long as it doesn't involve coloring.And finally how was Avril's 1st day.....GREAT! WooHoo, am I glad this went well. She could have been a disaster but isn't it funny how kids surprise you sometimes. When I dropped her off last Wednesday she asked me if I could stay and I told her no and started walking towards the door. She was clinging to my leg a little but was soon distracted by a toy telephone. With the distraction I took it on myself to leave. So I pulled Mrs. Tara aside, instructing her to keep an eye out for Avril and I ran for the door. Mrs. Tara later notified me that Avril looked up for me but was once again distracted by the coloring station. When I showed up I got a great big smile from Avril and she said, "Oh- mommy you came back for me." I think that was all she needed...I think most of her fear was that I wasn't coming back. So, yesterday we walked in and went to the play dough table, I gave her a kiss and she let me go. That probably made me more emotional then the 1st day because it's a small sign that she is letting me go. ;(
With school off and running again so has the busyness...Hannah is now back on Sea Devils swim team, Girl Scouts and tonight will be joining the fall play "Alms for the Poor". Isaac has joined Boy Scouts and Gymnastics after we saw how good he is with the monkey bars at the playground. This is the sport that I think Isaac will surpass Hannah in. Isaac just doesn't have any fear in him! He is also very small so he can move quickly. Now, is Hannah very impressed? NO! She was in gymnastics for 4 years before giving it up for swimming and I think Isaac will be at the same level in a year. The boys program is a bit different, which I think may help Hannah's ego. The boys do mostly bars and rings where the girls focus on floor and beam.
All in all we are doing well. Busy but well! I will be doing a parent/child class starting next week with Owen to ease the separation anxiety that we might come across in the future.
I also want to mention that we have a new addition to the family......nope no a baby, it's a bird! Yep, we have added yet another living creature to our household. I can't keep a plant alive, but God has trusted me with all these little lives. I think I have found out what God's plan is for me; I am a test subject for stress. Just kidding....I wouldn't change this life for any other.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Starts Soon!

With the start of school fast approaching I find myself both excited and timid about it. I am excited because it will be 2 less kids bickering all day however, it also means on with the mad- running around. Hannah will start swimming 3 nights a week and Isaac has agreed to join the boys gymnastics team. (We have been watching him at the playground lately and are noticing some pretty good ring skills) Avril will be in preschool 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day and Owen and I will be doing a parent/child class once a week. I am doing this with Owen so I don't end up with 2 children that can't leave my side. As everyone knows is how Avril is! On top of the normal sports both Joe and I will be active in Scouting. Joe took on a leadership role through Boy Scouts and I am still the leader of Hannah's troop in Girl Scouts. I truly believe that I choose to take on the job of parent and fully intend to make the best of it. I know it will be a hectic year but it can't be much different then the ones in the past or the ones still to come. And if that is a day brightener then I just have to think....17 years and they will all be off (hopefully Owen a Freshman in College, Avril a Junior, Isaac newly graduated and job hunting, and Hannah either career focused or starting a family). I know I hold high expectations but, don't we all for our children.

Inspirational Quote for the day: My life is my message. - Mahatma Ghandi