Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This and that's

Updating my blog is not my strongest quality. Again, I apologize to everyone! The kids are great...just busy and growing like weeds! I cannot believe there are only 12 days left of school. I have absolutely no idea how I will manage this house this summer. When the kids are together lately they fight; but my threat is going to be summer school if they start up right away. :)Joe was offered and took a permanent job with Great River Energy and started a week or so ago. It's really no different then it was before but we now get the job security part and benefits that go on forever. (He was an outside contractor for just about 3 years for them) Luck for me he now works 4 10's and gets an extra day off each week. I don't mind the long hours when he's home random days here and there. Oh- he also gets holiday pay again- woohoo!Hannah received her first ribbons for swimming this past weekend. She swam her 1st 100 Free and placed 6th. I am so excited to see her progress.
Isaac also started baseball again for the season and really loves it. He has really come a long way from last year. He also signed up for Boy Scouts for fall and Joe is going to be taking one of the lead positions in the pack. Looks like we have scouting running though our blood around here.OK- so one more funny story of the week. We went to Valley Fair last weekend as a scouting event and I wanted to go on the Antique Car ride they have. It's a ride where you drive smaller versions of real cars and Hannah piped up that she was driving because she was tall enough. Well fare enough; I wanted to drive but she insisted so I let her! The problem was that I had Isaac and Avril with me so I had to sit in the back with them and Hannah had to be up in front alone. Well, the #1 rule of these cars is that you cannot switch drivers after leaving the entry gate and Hannah's legs weren't strong enough to push the pedal all the way down. So we caused quite the traffic jam with Hannah only being able to go about a foot or two per try. Well we made it around in about 15 minutes and I laughed the whole way! She won't be driving any more any time soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I love this picture...what a ladies man however, I should teach him how to be polite. Or has he already learned how to tune them out???

On Monday, Isaac had his 1st Kindergarten music concert and he was so cute. He gets a very serious look on his face when he is deep in concentration. It was very short but nice.