Saturday, January 30, 2010


You have requested and I have listened....Hello to all of you. I know it's been a while but this is considered leisure and I don't get too much of that anymore.

I know I've written it before but geesh, life lets take this a little slower. Why doesn't that statement work like a new relationship.

So exactly 1 week ago we returned from our 8 day, 2229 mile, 35 hours 25 minute road trip to Arkansas and back. I know that's a long way for 4 children in a mini van for a week but we all survived. Our belief is that if you start them young they learn that we are a crazy family that will do this time and time again so you might as well adjust real quick. I'd like to announce that our trip brought us closer together but as you can see Hannah had music, Isaac had a video game, Avril had a movie and Owen had endless books handed to him. The only talking we did in the van was reading out of our states facts book and for one of the kids to announce that they were in need of a bathroom break. However, we proved that we can spend quality time amongst each other and no one was dropped of in Oklahoma.
But for real- our trip was great. We drove into 9 states and saw some of our country's finest landmarks. We also learned that in order to actually go into these landmarks you need: A. No small children, B. More money then we budgeted for and C. Naps ahead of time. But it was just fine for Joe and I to see the outside of Graceland, The lobby of the Gateway Arch and the outside of Lincoln's Home in Springfield. We know what we are doing when the kids are gone and we aren't upset because what kid cares where Lincoln lived with his family for over 15 years. I don't think it's worth 60 bucks for them to say, "that was so boring!" We did what we wanted to do on that trip and that was to spend time with grandma Nelson and visit my aunt Marlene. I know how much grandma loves to see the kids grow and the kids love her care free attitude. They can't jump on my beds or coffee table but at grandma Nelson's they can. And if grandma's not gonna come here because it's too cold then by golly we'll just have to go to her.
The last little leg of our trip was spent at a hotel in Chicago. I am such a huge fan of big cities! We met up with Auntie Barb and her beau Mark and took the train over to the Shedd Aquarium. Well worth the money....if you don't have a crabby toddler to carry around all day because some stupid mother decided not to bring the stroller on the train because she figured they would have them to rent when we got there. WRONG! So we had to cut that adventure a little short because Joe and I couldn't carry him for another second. But again- oh well...We have a lifetime to go again sometime. I am just thankful that we all got a much needed vacation, got to see grandma and made it home before the big ice storms that are now hitting the south.
Now we are home and back to the every day hustle and bustle of things. I don't know if Joe and I were together for a whole evening last week but I suppose there will be time for that in 20 or so years. Now we have to care for poor baby Owen and his terrible cough & teething at the same time. Avril turned "4" yesterday and I just got the notice in the mail today that she was picked to attend preschool for 4 days a week next year. Isaac had his 1st Pinewood derby race as a Tiger Cub Scout and Hannah got her 2nd "C" time at her swim meet today.
As fast as life is going I am afraid I am going to blink and it will be all gone. All my worries about what I don't get to do because of kids will be gone and I'll think, "what was I so worried about, it's not that big of a deal anyways. I sure wish the kids were with us to see this." Right?