Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's the new year....for us mom's

For a mother the start of a new year is not January 1st, it is the start of a new school year. We spend the summer much the same as a herding cattle dog, once the cattle are all herded (into a classroom) we can finally sit back and rest. I am a little sad that summer has come to a close but really I find peace in the fact that although I promised that I would work with my children all summer on facts, reading and, preparing for next year, I have failed! I need my children in school in order to maintain sanity in this home. I love them all dearly but with each passing year, I'm not gonna lie, life gets a little easier.
With that all said and out on the table.....I would like to present the year of 2012-2013...
Owen and Elliot are off to daycare for 2 days a week so I can wrap up the 2nd half of my college education.
Avril will be attending Big Woods Elementary as a 1st grader
Isaac is the bigwig in Big Woods as a 4th grader
Hannah is in the top half of middle school as a 7th grader, who constantly talks about being an 8th grader next year. (Hellllllooooo Hannah lets get started in 7th grade 1st)
and Joe will be continuing his career in IT security.
All I have to say is Oofta lets get it started!!
Happy "New Year"!