Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A day in the life.....

I have recently been notified that there are VanHoorik followers out there that demand information. So back to the blogging I go:) As I say time and time again, "We've been busy." Is this a valid excuse or is this just my being lazy? I would point to the latter. ;)

Hannah just finished up with her swim club last week. Isaac finished baseball in late June. Avril starts swimming lessons in August and Owen is non-stop baby busy. (In fact I have him strapped to the table right now eating, so that I am not distracted while I complete my updates.)

Hannah did extremely well in swimming this summer and attempted all the strokes for the last swim meet. Unfortunately for her Joe has recently become an Official for USA swimming and disqualified her on both the Butterfly and Breaststroke. Her coach had a laugh about this and gave her her 1st disqualification (DQ) report back to put in her scrapbook. I must say that with practice she will pull it together and be great!~

Isaac's baseball went well also. We could really see the progression from last year but he still has lots to work on. Joe has been thinking about coaching next year but we'll see how much time he has. In the fall Joe will be the Pack Committee Chairman for Boys Scouts too. I believe I am rubbing off on him!!!
Isaac also passed level 2 of swimming lessons on his 1st try. He rubbed that in nicely because it took Hannah 2 tries to pass:)

As far as Avril and Owen go I don't have much to report. Avril is a little stinker that has everyone she meets wrapped around her fingers and Owen is a bundle of busy.

Our family activities this summer have consisted camping at Schroeder Park with good friends of ours and their grandkids, the Albertville Friendly City Days parade (Joe and Hannah walked in it for STMA Swim), a week long camp for Girl Scouts, box seats for the Twins game last week(Twins lost 10-2) and Joe and I soaked up some free time last Saturday at the Green Day concert. Which was the best show EVER!
We have also been spending most of our free time up at my grandparents. It's so great to have somewhere to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of life around here.