Monday, April 20, 2009


My apologies to all of you that watch our family via this blog. I am waiting for things to slow down a bit, and they will after May 8th. It's a big day because my 1st semester of college will be over!! Right now I have an English class that is all writing, so for me to write up stuff for our blog just doesn't happen as much as I would like. So I will wrap up what has happened this month as best I can.
Isaac turned 6 on April 6th. We spent the day bowling then went out for dinner at Space Aliens with Joe's entire family. It was a great day and I still can't believe he's SIX!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter...We did! We spent the morning at church then the rest of the afternoon with Joe's family. They hold a yearly egg hunt and this year they hid 80+ eggs. The kids love the hunt and the little treasures grandma and grandpa hide.
The rest of this month we have been outside!!!! I love Minnesota spring weather. There can't be anywhere else like it. Only in MN; do we put our coats away when it turns 40 degrees in the Spring then whip them back out when it's 40 degrees in the Fall.