Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Owen eating cereal

I know 2 posts in one day seems to be a bit much right. I just wanted to share with everyone that Owen tried cereal for the 1st time today. He is still a few weeks shy of 4 months old but he always seems to be hungry. Well lets just say he's not impressed with the stuff. Did I actually think he was going to just gobble it all up and ask for more?

Memorial Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial weekend. We sure did and it was really nice to have a 3 day weekend. On Friday Joe and I went out with a group of new friends and it was wonderful. We went to a little place called Psycho Suzie's in Minneapolis somewhere. I must say their pizza was well worth the jaunt out there. We had a nice time being adults for a while. Funny enough though we had an 8:00 curfew. (Babysitter couldn't stay all night but, I think we could have.)
Then on Saturday Morning we went up to Brainard to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary. It was supposed to be a surprise party but when there are more then a few people involved things just don't stay that way. Oh well it was still wonderful and my parents had a great time. We got in some 4-wheeling too and the kids actually used theirs almost the whole day. They are really brave and a little too daring sometimes but by the end of the summer they should both be pros. Hannah wanted to spend the whole day at the gravel pit by my parents house. I guess if I was 7 I would have wanted to too. It sure beats going around in a circle all day at grandma and grandpas.

Aside from a little hail damage to the back of the house it couldn't have been a better weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Were children created to embarrass thier parents?

So today I had to run to Chanhassen to pick up stain for our house. Yes all the way to Chanhassen. We got their at about 12:30 or so and it was a little past Avril's nap time. When Avril gets tired she is quite the bear. Well instead of yelling at her in the quiet little office and showroom I just let her do her own thing. When I finally decided to get her she was messing around a display of different railings. Well I went to pick her up so we could go and she grabbed one of the railings and sent them all tumbling in a domino effect! All I could do was stair as they slowing toppled over one by one (about 8 in all). The noise was horrific! Thankfully we didn't leave in handcuffs and I surely didn't know what to do. Well a very nice man helped me put them all back up while Avril sat there with her hands over her ears. So next time your kids embarrass you just think of this little story and I think you will see that it could be worse a lot worse.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

On Wednesday Isaac and me went to the Como Zoo for his preschool field trip. If you weren't planning on going to Como this year I would like to help you change your mind. First off its FREE (donations only) and secondly they have a new baby orangutan. He or she is so cute! We had a great time. It's not very often now that our kids get us alone anymore so that makes it more special.

Then on Thursday Isaac had his 1st ever baseball game. I only got to see him bat once which made me sad but, I had to go to Girl Scouts. He had a big cheering section thanks to Uncle Matt, Auntie Barb and grandma & grandpa being there. In minors baseball they don't keep score, there are no outs and everyone gets to bat before its the next teams turn. They learn the fundamentals and just plain ol' have fun.

We also brought Isaac to the Albertville Primary this week for a kindergarten open house. Surprisingly he's not afraid to go to kindergarten next year. I hope it stays that way thoughout the summer.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend update

I finally feel like we are getting somewhere on the garage addition. This weekend we worked on the huge dirt pile that the diggers had in the back. It's down to almost nothing. Joe also got all the sheet rock hung last week and a large majority of the initial taping done. WOW! Owen was quite the little crab all weekend so these jobs were very difficult. But, the sooner Joe gets the garage done the sooner we can start Hannah's new room. For those of you who don't know...we are turning our silly little sitting room into a bedroom for her. Its going to be a little surprise for her. She knows she is moving however, on the weekend before her b-day she is going to have a sleepover at one of our families houses then she will come home to a completely finished new room. She's getting a some new furniture, bedding, different colored walls, and hopefully some shelves for all her nick-knacks. I am so excited about the whole thing. And this will get Owen into his own room. YEA! Well that's it for updates. Feel free to come over all of you to lend a hand anytime. We only have a million other things to wrap up this summer. :) I will post a before and after photo of her room soon.