Friday, April 25, 2008

What A Week

What a rough week at the VanHoorik household:

So last Friday I had a minor little surgery for an umbilical hernia caused from having 4 children and obviously not taking care of my stomach muscles. Well that went just fine and I am going to be so stoked to have a belly button again:) However, due to the fact that I couldn't use my stomach muscles I pulled my back out. COMPLETELY...I mean I woke up on Sunday a.m. and I moved just a little bit and I was down for 2 whole days. (Bed ridden down) It is now almost a week later and my back is still not normal. I blame it on getting old cuz I had no problems until my birthday last week.

Then on Wednesday Buddy started puking all over. Well it wasn't good so I brought him to the vet they ran a bunch of tests took x-rays, pushed fluids....yaddi-yada... then day 2 he was still puking and not eating a single thing. I brought Buddy back to the doctor and they repeated day ones events and still no improvement. So at this point we were thinking like gosh this is a huge financial burden however, Buddy is only a year old. And I did figure he must have swallowed something because he is always, always chewing on stuff so the vet said we should do some charcoal treatments to watch how far though his digestive system it goes. Well finally today we had the answer...something was stuck in his stomach making it so he couldn't digest anything further then that. Well he went into surgery and they took 2 or 3 things from his digestive system and now he is at the puppy ER being watched for 36 hours. A person doesn't realize how much they love their pet until something like this happens. I was beside myself thinking what will we do if he's just not ok. Well thank God we don't have to think about that.

And in the mist of all this doggy trouble Owen got his 1st shots and let me tell you he was not happy about that. But I have heard that bad things happen in 3's so I think our luck is gonna change from here on out.

We ended tonight with my favorite Girl Scout event, the annual sock hop. I really needed some fun time. And yes I am a total mom when I wrap my week up with a Sock Hop. I love seeing my kids have the time of their lives and I am sure Hannah had a blast.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Funny, funny, so this is new to me. Someone tags you and you have to reveal 10 deep dark secrets about yourselves. Well thanks to my friend Amiee its my turn. See nothing comes without a price. So here goes...

1.) Like Amiee I have also lived in a trailer however, I have lived in one with my parents and have chosen to live in one in my adult life. So I am like super trailer trash.

2.) I cannot say "no" to anyone. I usually have too much on my plate at any given time because I will either raise my hand to volunteer or will not say no.

3.) I still hold grudges like an elementary school student. I am mad at 2 someones I thought was close to because they forgot to say "happy birthday" to me yesterday. I will be over it tomorrow.

4.) When I get time for myself I usually waist it by pacing around accomplishing nothing.

5.) Avril really is Joe's child. ;)

6.) I am deathly afraid of insects. Yes even butterflies.

7.) I secretly feel really cool in my minivan despite my protests.

8.) I hate doing anything alone.

9.) When I was little I used to sneak up at night and eat bread...We would put sugar on it and eat it like that.

10.) I love to get my mail the second it is dropped off. I get kind of angry when Joe beats me to it.

TAG: Deanna, Mom, & Alie

Happy Birthday to me!

I have the most wonderful family...Yesterday I turned "25" again and out of nowhere my parents showed up. They live all the way up in Brainard so for them to just show up its a pretty big deal. Well I thought they were just visiting for a little bit and then going home. Well they weren't they came all the way here to babysit for us so we could go to the casino for the sea food / prime rib buffet and a little money waisting. I was really not expecting all this for my birthday and it was so wonderful. I am so nosey that it really surprises me that they pulled this off without me having the slightest idea of what was going on. My parents were quite winded when we got back however, they made them all dinner, did dishes, put Owens laundry in the dryer, gave Avril a bath, got Hannah to finish her homework and had them all in bed when we got home. I wouldn't have even attempted all that! Above all that Joe got me a genuine Coach purse for my birthday. He even did research on purses to see which hold up the best and such. (Anyone who knows Joe knows that he researches everything) But purses I never thought. Well I want to say Thank You to all my wonderful family for making these miserable birthdays so enjoyable.

On a side note Owen has been sleeping from 9:30 to 6:30 for a week or so now too. :)
And lets all root for WILD tonight!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Isaac's 5th Birthday

Our kids are growing up just too fast. On Sunday Isaac turned 5. We spent the day at the Shrine Circus which was wonderful. Isaac really wanted to go to the Twins game but, I conned him into the circus instead. That way we could all go and enjoy it. And what do ya know he loved it. Avril really liked the acrobats and she clapped like crazy. Then after the circus we went back to our house and had cake and ice cream with grandma & grandpa VanHoorik, Barb, Beth, & Matt. It was a wonderful day and he got to finish it off by doing his favorite thing....Spending the night at grandma & grandpas.