Thursday, August 21, 2008

GO Saints!!!!!!!!

OK so I really have to get my momma butt in gear. I am the worst at bringing my camera to outings. However, Tuesday night we went to our 1st ever St. Paul Saints game. I really truly wish I could report that we had a blast and will be going back in the near future but that's not how the night went. We got a good deal on the tickets so why not try but with 4 kids 2 adults that was probably not wise on our part. The game started at 7:05 so there was mistake #1 because Owen usually gets dinner and bed around 7:30. So Joe and I spent the 1st 2 innings trying to get him to sleep with all the commotion around us. HA! Then I am listening to this family behind us talk about their pop being set on the floor because if it spills it will just go down the bleacher to the ground.......WELL it didn't - someone kicked it over and it ended up all over Isaac, Avril's and my feet. I knew that was gonna happen but, I am not the type to notify people of their ignorance. I was just thankful that it wasn't my kids to spill their pop this time. And they should make a rule that once your in your seat you stay there because we were smart and got isle seats due to having the kids but the people on the inside got up probably about 10 times. Well at the bottom of the 5th inning Owen spit his nuk out and it landed below the bleachers so Joe called it a night for them and headed out to the van. We were going to stay for a couple more innings but only made it to the top of the 5th. So that was our experience and we wish for better luck next time. As you can see it was just a all around bad combination of events.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Big Boy Owen

Well Owen and I were sitting in his room after his nap today playing and oh my gosh he sat there all by himself. (Yes I sat him up right but, he stayed on his own) 1 1/2 months ago he started rolling over, last month he got his 1st 2 teeth and now he's sitting up. I am starting to see why we have 4 children. Life just goes by soooooo fast. However, that doesn't mean we will be having anymore.


The Crew minus Joe
Avril's 1st ride EVER - The scrambler As you can tell we spent yesterday at Valleyfair. Our girls have no fear in them. Avril's 1st ride was the scrambler and I thought for sure after it started going that we had made a mistake but oh no she loved it! Isaac wouldn't go on much until he got to pick the milder ones 1st and as the day progressed he got a little braver. Hannah however went on anything she was tall enough for. Her favorite ride of the day was the extreme swing and she went on that one twice. You couldn't pay me enough to go on that ride ever again! I don't know if it's that I am getting old or if it's just that I have had children but that ride almost killed me. The drops are so extreme and it just doesn't quit. I got off shaking terribly and Joe's dad didn't let go until most everyone else was off. Steel Venom was the best though and I almost walked out of that line in fear. I am glad I didn't. We all had a great time with the family and are going to spend today recuperating.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The end of July

On July 20th Owen was finally Baptised. It was a great day with all the family. He is blessed to have such great God parents Dorothy (my aunt) & Mike (Joe's longtime pal).

Last week we went to the Holiday Inn water park thanks to some anonymous free tickets, which for our family is a huge deal. That would have otherwise been a $100 trip. The kids had a blast and we even got Isaac down the water slide 3 times. He is not big on the thrill rides but, he did it after much pressure. Avril made friends with any other child that got within 3 feet of her and even Owen had fun kicking his legs in the water. We also had a free dinner at the new Sonic which I must say had the best fast food ever.

This past weekend we went to our friends parents house on Pleasant Lake in Annandale and had a great time. There where a total of 11 children over there and I can't tell you how well they played together. You could barely tell that there where that many of them running around. We did some tubing and Joe tried to wake board but failed this time. My brother said it took him 22 times to finally get up on it so Joe's got about 10 more trys to go. I will be trying next time. I am a little nervous because if you fall on those you typically get pulled onto your face which doesn't sound to pleasant. But I guess you have to try everything once right.

Last but not least we said our "goodbyes" to grandma last night. She has been here for 3 1/2 months and is going back to Arkansas. I think she has had her stuff packed for a week. It's not that she doesn't like being here she is just tired with all the excitement all the time. She celebrated her 75th birthday this June but as you can see she still thinks she's 5. Love you Grandma!!!