Monday, November 24, 2008

Sorry that I haven't updated anything for like EVER! I took on the volunteer job of Crow River Service Unit cookie manager so I have had pretty much no time for much else. I am really excited to have the big meeting over with tomorrow night because I have noticed that the more speaking I do in a public setting the worse I get at it. My heart starts beating like a million miles per minute, I forget things and I loose my voice so tomorrow night should be interesting considering the fact that I have to speak for an entire hour. I guess I never thought of all this before I took on the position. Oh well.. N-E-Ways enough about me..

Hannah had her 1st ever competition on Friday for swimming and she ROCKED! She competed 1st in the 25 yard freestyle race and got 4th only because she didn't know that she had to touch the wall. She would have been 1st or 2nd if it weren't for that. Then her 2nd race was the 50 yard backstroke and she placed 4th of 7 against 9-12 year olds. 3rd race was the 25 yard backstroke and she placed 2nd of 5. Then she was in a 100 yard freestyle relay and her team placed 4th of 5. I am one of those dumb emotional moms who tears up over everything. When she jumped in I tear up, when she touches the wall I cry, and especially when there is one kid that can barely finish the race so everyone cheers super loud until they make it I really cry! UGH! I really hope I can get over this and no I am not pregnant- its just how I am lately. Just overjoyed I guess. But, Joe and I are extremely proud of her she did great and had such confidence in herself and really gave it her all.

Little Braeden turned 2 on Friday. I just can't believe he's that old already. He's just a bundle of energy and a little sassy but it's cute because he's not mine. Sam had his birthday party on Saturday and we all had a great time. Sam did a good job preparing food for everyone. Her 1st family gathering didn't go that well and she didn't have enough food to feed everyone so this time she really pulled though. Sorry Sam but 1 cup of gravy for 15+ people does not cut it. ;)
Then when that was over my mom came back to our house and watched the kids while Joe and I went Bowling with Tony, Jamie and her dad. Joe didn't bring his A-game but I did manage to get my 1st ever Turkey (3 strikes in a row). YEA ME!

Well that's all this Zoo has to report. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been an exhausting week and a half. Owen has yet another ear infection and had a fever for 3 days over the weekend. He insists on being held and won't let Joe or I get more then a foot away from him. Well with Owen requiring so much attention, Avril goes into one of her moods and is extremely needy too. I have decided to go get a book I heard about for Avril. It's called 'Parenting the Strong Willed Child'. My hairdresser suggested it and I am to the point that I will try anything. Just yesterday she decided to go into one of her fits for like 15 minutes while I was making lunch so I set her out on the deck for a second and when I let her back in she was back to normal. Well enough about our little problems.
Isaac started wrestling last week and I am a little frightened because Isaac isn't an aggressive child. So we have to see how it goes. Hannah also has her 1st swim meet this Friday!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween was super great this year with weather you just couldn't beat in Minnesota. As the kids get older you can see how competitive they get.

Hannah hit every house in our neighborhood in less then 2 hours. Isaac gave up at about 7 and went home with his friends. Avril and her cousin Hazel made it 2 cul-de-sacs. Not too bad for little ones.
We have almost a full paper grocery bag full of candy that will probably last until next Halloween. (Ugh!)