Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If you read this raise your hand

How is it that I somehow missed 2 whole months of posting....Well let me explain..........
It all starts when the mom of the house takes on more then her little mind can handle. Not that I can't handle a lot- I just don't like to focus on "fun" stuff when I have other "plain" stuff to do. And I can't get my mind to settle down enough to focus this much energy on our blog. Not that all of our readers aren't extremely important in our life....I have just had to put you all on a very long hold for a minute or...err... 2 months. Well I am back and I promise to try, I emphasize the word TRY to be better at keeping you all updated with our never dull, always on the go life.
So what have you missed, well nothing of course!Since January 30th, 2010, Owen has turned into a "terrible" two year old- February 17th to be exact and Avril has somehow acquired a severe complex. She wakes up each morning picking out a dress to wear then asking, "mommy do you think (so and so) will say I look beautiful in this?" Hannah and Isaac go about their lives trying to dodge chores, homework and just about any other word, request, option, or simple command this mom might make. Joe has turned 30 and apparently survived it (Let's just say this was not his favorite b-day) however, we had one kick-butt "black and white" party to celebrate.
Swimming, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, gymnastics, play practice and school are soon coming to an end and I am happy to announce that the VanHoorik family is taking the summer off of all the running that I have signed myself up for in the many years of the past. Joe and I decided that it would be good to concentrate on relaxation this summer rather then trying to balance 4 kids and extracurricular activities. After the initial Hannah whine she realized that she would have more time for running the neighborhood and swimming off the boat. Two things she said she would "ok" with. So after Isaac finishes up baseball in June and a two week swimming lesson in July we are home-free of sports. (I signed Isaac up and paid for b-ball well before my spontaneous choice and swimming is always useful when you own a boat) Then we'll start all the madness over next year....We simply can't have our kids glued to us forever!
With that said, I will "try" to update you as the happenings happen because it's just not any fun to write about something that is 2 months old. Plus who wants to read that much in one sitting?