Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Holiday Memories

Christmas was fabulous as usual. Christmas eve was spent at Joe's parents and Hannah was a petition reader this year at the Christmas Eve mass. We are so proud that she was willing to step out of her comfort zone and do those things. After Santa came on Christmas day we headed over to Joe's parents again for chicken and shrimp dinner. YUM YUM! Joe's mom is the best cook! We spent the night playing our new games then headed home.

The next day Joe and I spent 3 hours making Avril a fort. We had a good time being children while ours were all gone. Parents don't really have to wait for them to have fun right???? The best part of the day though was while Avril and I were making our snow girl. I was rolling the final part of the head and low and behold I rolled up Joe's VAN key!!! It had been missing for about a week and sure enough there it was.

Finally our Christmas celebrations ended with us going up to my parents on Saturday. Mom and dad sent Sam, Stoney, Joe, Hannah , Isaac and me to a tubing hill not far from their house. What a blast!!! This hill his was mamoth compaired to the one I have been to in Maple Grove. Isaac took one look at it and said "no way" so we had to coax him quite a bit to get him to go. As a matter of fact he cried the entire way up the hill the 1st time around. He was fine once he went down. After tubing we went back to my parents and had yet another wonderful feast. Then we all played gutar hero and a few board games before heading to bed kindof early.

Sam woke me up at 2 in the morning with Avril puking. Not fun. I figured it was all the junk she ate but I was wrong because, Braeden then puked all over the kitchen floor in the morning and I was sick the next night. Hannah's friends mom just called and said Hannah was sick last night also. Watch out everyone it seems to be going around.

Aside from all the sickness it's been the Happiest of Holidays. I can't wait to see what the new year brings our family. Heres the part where I have decided to make some predictions for next year... Let's see if they happen.

Joe: He is going to put his mind to rest on weather or not he will have a job. I am guessing he will get 3 offers at one time.
Hannah: She is going to place in one of the top 3 in a swim meet.
Isaac: He is going to realize this year that there is no use in fighting with Avril anymore and he is going to learn to just walk away. Yep that's what he is going to do.
Avril: She is going to stop butting heads with Joe and I and become the best girl ever.:)
Owen: He is going to slow down a bit. I can't imagine there is much more for him to do. Unless he starts talking I guess I predict he will start talking this next year.
& Me: I am going to get 2 A's in my first ever college courses.

I would love to hear everyone else's predictions. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Owen's 1st Steps

Part of me is excited and part of me is extremely sad. Our little boy is growing up. Watch the video to see Owen's 1st steps.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Stinker

I can hardly get Owen to eat his baby food anymore. Last night at dinner Joe made some egg rolls and I thought that would be to greasy for his little belly so I tried to feed him a baby food chicken dinner. Well NO! Owen screamed in between every bite until I gave in and gave him some rice. He somehow knew that our dinner was different and he demanded to eat the same. He does that for everything, if Avril is eating a bowl of cereal and he has baby food he will turn his head away until he gets some Cheerios. 10 months old and already telling me what he wants.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Title

I think what I have is writers block. When I sit down here to tell you all about our lives nothing comes to me. I know something must have happened since last Monday...

So I think I am getting somewhere with Avril and her attitude. When she throws a fit I just ask her if she can please find mommy's nice girl and for the most part she does. Ha isn't it funny what works sometimes with kids. I realized after picking up the Strong Willed Child book that the program is going to be way to hard for me to follow. She is almost 3 so I should be able to reason with her a little bit better and we have had a really good couple of weeks. So wish me luck.
Avril and I also decorated the house for Christmas last Friday. I had no idea how much she loved this holiday. When I set the tree up she started jumping up and down chanting "I love this trick-or-tree". I know trick-or tree! There is no correcting her though I have tried. So how the whole day went was I would put something up somewhere and she would turn around and take it down. This was good for Avril to do just with mommy because when Hannah and Isaac came home she was so proud to show them all that she had done. We did save decorating the Christmas tree for everyone though.Isaac is really coming out of his shell for wrestling. A few weeks ago he was unsure about the sport but, last night he really got into it. Funny Story...So when we were walking down the hall to go to wrestling this little boy started walking with us. I asked Isaac if he knew him and he said "no". The little boy chimed in that he did too know him! The little boy said he saw him at his sisters swimming meet. So obviously because they have seen each other somewhere they are bonded. I then asked the little boy if they have ever talked and he said "well no but we have the same shoes". This is why I have 4 kids. Don't ya just love what they say!

Oh yea, Thanksgiving was fabulous! We spent the entire day at Joe's parents and had a great time. I just love being around our family.