Friday, November 16, 2007


I am sure you have all been waiting on the news of our trip. For those who didn't know we went to Florida for 14 days. This was the first time the kids were ever on an airplane and it went pretty well. Hannah got bored of looking out the window so she shut it and Isaac laughed at the turbulence. (Which was minimal thankfully).

When we got there we rested up and went to Magic Kingdom. That was just perfect. Joe's little partner Hannah wanted to go on every ride and wasn't scared of anything. Isaac however was a different story. He reached the 42" requirement to go on Splash Mountain so he thought sure I will go. Well he didn't like it at all and he was mad at Joe for it. It was a flume type ride and the drops were way to much for his little body. So for the rest of the day he wouldn't go on anymore rides with Joe unless I could go on them too. (Isaac knew that mommy could only go on the slow rides) Which was just fine because they offered a lot of things that the whole family could enjoy. The kids got about 20 different autographs and got their faces painted. Notice Avril's face in the Donald Duck picture - she did that to every character and she actually pushed Pluto. The whole day was a blast and we didn't have any crabby kid moments.

Day 3 was spent at Sea World and unfortunately it seemed too much like an expensive zoo to us. The Shamu show was super short with little appearance from Shamu. It was also a lot of walking for a pregnant mom and 3 small kids. Maybe we were a little to worn out from the day before. That's OK though it was still part of the Disney experience.

Day 4 we were off to Sanibel Island to be with Joe's family. They rented a house on the island which is best known for its shelling and oh boy did the kids get their shells. Isaac mostly wanted to collect dead crab legs and Avril was off collecting sticks and dead fish. The 1st night there I was almost asleep when a cockroach crawled across my head. I made Joe sleep with the light on after that. The beach was fabulous and the weather was about 76 -78 the whole time. We watched someone catch a Hammerhead shark from shore. Joe, Matt, and Barb watched someone catch a Sting Ray. Joe, Matt and Barb each caught one little salt water fish each. I think Barb is calling hers a shark just for a better story. Matt was out about shin deep in water fishing when a Sting Ray swam right past him. (He was out of the water after that) We all had a great time and wish everyone in our lives could have shared that time with us. We missed all of you and its good to be back.


Aimee said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! We LOVE Florida and usually go down to visit Chad's parents each winter for a few days. They usually stay in the Fort Myers area, so we're always out on Sanibel. That place is great – we love it out there! We're anxious to head down there again over spring break for a full week.

Glad you made it back safely! :)

Mike said...

Hey Joe and Shawna!! This is Mike Eickhoff. I've been trying to look you guys up for several months and i finally found something. Call me 320-309-4574