Friday, August 8, 2008


The Crew minus Joe
Avril's 1st ride EVER - The scrambler As you can tell we spent yesterday at Valleyfair. Our girls have no fear in them. Avril's 1st ride was the scrambler and I thought for sure after it started going that we had made a mistake but oh no she loved it! Isaac wouldn't go on much until he got to pick the milder ones 1st and as the day progressed he got a little braver. Hannah however went on anything she was tall enough for. Her favorite ride of the day was the extreme swing and she went on that one twice. You couldn't pay me enough to go on that ride ever again! I don't know if it's that I am getting old or if it's just that I have had children but that ride almost killed me. The drops are so extreme and it just doesn't quit. I got off shaking terribly and Joe's dad didn't let go until most everyone else was off. Steel Venom was the best though and I almost walked out of that line in fear. I am glad I didn't. We all had a great time with the family and are going to spend today recuperating.

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