Wednesday, October 15, 2008


WE (as in Avril & I) did it! She finally lost her little battle against the potty and is trained. It almost sounds like she is a dog. I have never in my life struggled so much with a child to be potty trained. It took almost a month and this last week she has been perfect. She even wears undies to bed at night.
Here's a fun little story about Avril being potty trained.........About a month ago while we were working on potty training we went up to my parents house for the weekend and Avril had been really good with no accidents for a whole day. However, as so as mommy and grandma went into town to get lunch Avril pooped in her pants. Instead of getting daddy she thought she would clean it up herself in grandma and grandpas bathroom. Well that didn't go so well and she got poop all over their bathroom. Joe was not very happy but cleaned it up. Grandma and mom came home and heard about the little oops and grandma went to wash Avrils cloths and her rugs and noticed that Avrils undies were missing. Grandma thought Joe just threw them out. However, about 2 hours later grandma opened a drawer in the bathroom and Ta-Da there were Avril's yucky undies. She knew she did something wrong and thought she would hide the evidence. What a laugh!
Avril also traded her nuks in for a new Dora toy today. Wish me luck with this one!!

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