Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby For Sale!

He's cute, cuddly, about 2 1/2 feet tall and incredibly busy!

Okay, so selling your baby is not appropriate but, this momma is getting tired. How is it that 19 months can be my favorite age and my least favorite at the same time.
Let me tell you why...
Almost a week ago, Owen decided to brave the outside world my climbing gracefully out of his crib during nap time. Since then he's been on the run. Mommy lays him down, Owen climbs out...he barely waits until I'm around the corner now. Well fine I can be mean mommy sometimes but even that doesn't work! Nap times now consists of 1 hour, where he wakes up extremely crabby and mornings start at about 6:15. The hardest part of it all is if you don't happen to hear him creep out of his room, because if he's loose for any amount of time unsupervised the house is in ruins. I'm also upset about this because I figure if your going to crawl out of the crib then we can get rid of it. Right? Well in Owens world that would be a No! He loves his crib, he loves his blankies, and he loves his nuk. That sure is a lot of baggage for a 19 month old!

But, why do I want to keep him all the same? Because when the older ones think I am lame, Owen thinks I'm funny. When I need to relax I have a lap partner and he doesn't care what I am doing as long as it's with him. When he gets excited he screams in joy and when he gets mad he shakes his head and says, "NO!" He loves doing dishes and laundry and never complains when I ask for his help.
What's not to love about this bundle of busy?

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