Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh my goodness

OK- so the routine around here is Joe takes the last feeding of the night for Owen around 11:00p.m. Then I take the middle of the night shifts which has been like 2:00a.m. and about 6:00a.m. since day one. I thought that was pretty good for a new baby however, last night I didn't have to get up at all. Owen slept until 6:30a.m. I know I am probably blowing my horn too soon but that was so nice. Hannah, Isaac & Avril never slept all the way through the night until they were about 1. Avril still gets up about every 3rd night and has to be ushered back to her room. Wouldn't that be something if he decided to sleep thought the night already.

With that said he is a wonderful baby and everyone has adjusted to him very well. Half the time life is no different then it was before.


Aimee said...

Glad to hear he's such a great baby!! We were so spoiled with Peyton...sleeping through the night fairly consistently at 2 weeks old. Then we paid for it big time with Carson....he's 2 years old and STILL doesn't have a decent sleep pattern down.

Hopefully Owen will be your "sleeper". :-) He's so dang cute!!!

Mastellars said...


Can't wait to see your little sleeper in person. Mikayla always asks about the kids and Shawna's house everytime we see new photos, maybe this spring we can plan a visit.