Monday, February 25, 2008

1 week old

Well after all that wait Owen is already a week old. Now the time is flying. We have somewhat found our routine around here and everyone is really helping out. Owen only gets up about every 3 hours at night which is wonderful. But I do wish they would make better diapers for boys because about every other changing we have to change his entire outfit due to leaking. Anyone else with boys knows where I am coming from.

Aside from that we are now getting into our busiest months as a family. Joe turns the big "28" tomorrow. Then on Easter Joe and I will be completing our religion classes that have taken up every free second of our life for the past 6 months. And 2 days after that we have our convalidation ceremony. Which really is the final step towards becoming true members of our church. And to wrap it all up on April 6th is Isaac's 5th birthday and on April 13th is Hannah's 1st Communion.

After that life is almost going to be too easy but, I think we're ready for it.

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