Thursday, March 27, 2008

That's a wrap!

Life is gonna settle down right? So we finished the busiest week of our lives and I am happy to report that it all went pretty darn good. So last Saturday Joe and I completed Confirmation. It was really an amazing experience for me I was really moved by the Holy Spirit. I really believe that God was calling us to join the church this year. As some may know we pondered on the idea of a religious life for most of our marriage. I always thought to myself "I don't have to go to church to believe in God." Well oh boy did I have the wrong idea. So much has changed for the better since bringing the church community into our home. I really think it has improved our family life by 100%.

Then on Tuesday we convalidated our vowes with the big church ceremony. It was beautiful and I really thought I wasn't going to cry however, as soon as that dun, dun, da, dun music started I just couldn't hold back. (I think I was crying because Joe said "Yes" twice to me.) Oh and it doesn't help that my dad was all teary eyed. I was like "come on dad I have been married for eight years already". But oh well it was absolutely perfect. The reception was so wonderful too thanks to my ultimate personal attendant Barb. For a Tuesday night we had a really nice turnout. Towards the end of the night alot had happened. Lets do a short recap:

1.) Great food (prime rib and stuffed chicken)

2.)Free beer & wine

3.)Thousands of kids with glow sticks (everyone I know has at least 2 kids)

4.)Thousands of kids break dancing (with Isaac as their leader)

5.)Shawna throws the bouquet for all the single ladies and it goes to her sister Sam who then gets tackled by Tony's girlfriend Jamie and looses the top of her dress (Sam has been dating new boyfriend for like 2 weeks, Jamie has been dealing with Tony for almost 3 years)

6.)Shawna wasn't wearing a garter but the boys still wanted to see who was gonna get hitched next so Joe concocted one out of glow sticks and threw it (Here you go Jamie, Tony caught this one)

5.)Shawna does the main dance to Thriller by Michael Jackson (I thought I was in the video)

6.)Joe's little brother Matt does the Colbert dance (its the poor kids idol)

7.)Shawna's little brother Tony gets too drunk to continue DJing for her so a pregnant beauty steps up to the plate

8.)Joe and sister Barb drive those who are to drunk to drive home and we then get home by 12:30.

All on a Tuesday night.

God bless you all as we ourselves have been blessed.

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Aimee said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Sorry we missed it...we would have loved to have been there. That's so great to hear that you guys are involved in a church that has brought so much joy to your family. It's wonderful to be a part of a body of believers who you can walk through the ups and downs of life with. I don't know what we'd do without our church!

Hope the next few months are a little less hectic than the past few have been for you!! Congrats!