Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Isaac's 5th Birthday

Our kids are growing up just too fast. On Sunday Isaac turned 5. We spent the day at the Shrine Circus which was wonderful. Isaac really wanted to go to the Twins game but, I conned him into the circus instead. That way we could all go and enjoy it. And what do ya know he loved it. Avril really liked the acrobats and she clapped like crazy. Then after the circus we went back to our house and had cake and ice cream with grandma & grandpa VanHoorik, Barb, Beth, & Matt. It was a wonderful day and he got to finish it off by doing his favorite thing....Spending the night at grandma & grandpas.


Aimee said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Isaac! We're getting ready for Peyton's 4th party the beginning of May. It's hard to believe 4 years ago I was a weepy new mom thinking of leaving my little baby with you guys for daycare (I would have been weepy regardless of who I was leaving her with!!). What a great decision it was, though. We sure do miss seeing you guys every day! Maybe we can do a playdate at the part this summer or something so the kids can play together.

VanHoorik's Zoo said...
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