Thursday, April 17, 2008

Funny, funny, so this is new to me. Someone tags you and you have to reveal 10 deep dark secrets about yourselves. Well thanks to my friend Amiee its my turn. See nothing comes without a price. So here goes...

1.) Like Amiee I have also lived in a trailer however, I have lived in one with my parents and have chosen to live in one in my adult life. So I am like super trailer trash.

2.) I cannot say "no" to anyone. I usually have too much on my plate at any given time because I will either raise my hand to volunteer or will not say no.

3.) I still hold grudges like an elementary school student. I am mad at 2 someones I thought was close to because they forgot to say "happy birthday" to me yesterday. I will be over it tomorrow.

4.) When I get time for myself I usually waist it by pacing around accomplishing nothing.

5.) Avril really is Joe's child. ;)

6.) I am deathly afraid of insects. Yes even butterflies.

7.) I secretly feel really cool in my minivan despite my protests.

8.) I hate doing anything alone.

9.) When I was little I used to sneak up at night and eat bread...We would put sugar on it and eat it like that.

10.) I love to get my mail the second it is dropped off. I get kind of angry when Joe beats me to it.

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