Friday, April 25, 2008

What A Week

What a rough week at the VanHoorik household:

So last Friday I had a minor little surgery for an umbilical hernia caused from having 4 children and obviously not taking care of my stomach muscles. Well that went just fine and I am going to be so stoked to have a belly button again:) However, due to the fact that I couldn't use my stomach muscles I pulled my back out. COMPLETELY...I mean I woke up on Sunday a.m. and I moved just a little bit and I was down for 2 whole days. (Bed ridden down) It is now almost a week later and my back is still not normal. I blame it on getting old cuz I had no problems until my birthday last week.

Then on Wednesday Buddy started puking all over. Well it wasn't good so I brought him to the vet they ran a bunch of tests took x-rays, pushed fluids....yaddi-yada... then day 2 he was still puking and not eating a single thing. I brought Buddy back to the doctor and they repeated day ones events and still no improvement. So at this point we were thinking like gosh this is a huge financial burden however, Buddy is only a year old. And I did figure he must have swallowed something because he is always, always chewing on stuff so the vet said we should do some charcoal treatments to watch how far though his digestive system it goes. Well finally today we had the answer...something was stuck in his stomach making it so he couldn't digest anything further then that. Well he went into surgery and they took 2 or 3 things from his digestive system and now he is at the puppy ER being watched for 36 hours. A person doesn't realize how much they love their pet until something like this happens. I was beside myself thinking what will we do if he's just not ok. Well thank God we don't have to think about that.

And in the mist of all this doggy trouble Owen got his 1st shots and let me tell you he was not happy about that. But I have heard that bad things happen in 3's so I think our luck is gonna change from here on out.

We ended tonight with my favorite Girl Scout event, the annual sock hop. I really needed some fun time. And yes I am a total mom when I wrap my week up with a Sock Hop. I love seeing my kids have the time of their lives and I am sure Hannah had a blast.

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