Monday, May 19, 2008

Were children created to embarrass thier parents?

So today I had to run to Chanhassen to pick up stain for our house. Yes all the way to Chanhassen. We got their at about 12:30 or so and it was a little past Avril's nap time. When Avril gets tired she is quite the bear. Well instead of yelling at her in the quiet little office and showroom I just let her do her own thing. When I finally decided to get her she was messing around a display of different railings. Well I went to pick her up so we could go and she grabbed one of the railings and sent them all tumbling in a domino effect! All I could do was stair as they slowing toppled over one by one (about 8 in all). The noise was horrific! Thankfully we didn't leave in handcuffs and I surely didn't know what to do. Well a very nice man helped me put them all back up while Avril sat there with her hands over her ears. So next time your kids embarrass you just think of this little story and I think you will see that it could be worse a lot worse.

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