Saturday, May 17, 2008

On Wednesday Isaac and me went to the Como Zoo for his preschool field trip. If you weren't planning on going to Como this year I would like to help you change your mind. First off its FREE (donations only) and secondly they have a new baby orangutan. He or she is so cute! We had a great time. It's not very often now that our kids get us alone anymore so that makes it more special.

Then on Thursday Isaac had his 1st ever baseball game. I only got to see him bat once which made me sad but, I had to go to Girl Scouts. He had a big cheering section thanks to Uncle Matt, Auntie Barb and grandma & grandpa being there. In minors baseball they don't keep score, there are no outs and everyone gets to bat before its the next teams turn. They learn the fundamentals and just plain ol' have fun.

We also brought Isaac to the Albertville Primary this week for a kindergarten open house. Surprisingly he's not afraid to go to kindergarten next year. I hope it stays that way thoughout the summer.

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Aimee said...

We LOVE Como Zoo! Glad you had a blast there with Isaac. We'll keep an eye out for you guys next fall at Albertville Primary. That's where Peyton goes to preschool and she'll be there again next year. Fun!