Thursday, September 4, 2008

1st Day of School

Well Hannah and Isaac's 1st days of school went great for them both. I am truly blessed that they are both such great kids and enjoy school so much. Hannah went back on Tuesday and had a great day. I am a little concerned though....the only people she knew in her class we a bunch of boys. Do I start to worry already. She said her teacher is awesome because she makes math fun and for Hannah that is good because she struggles a bit in math. I just can't believe she's already in 3rd grade. Time goes to fast.

Isaac had orientation on Tuesday then actually rode the bus yesterday. I was so nervous because Isaac is such a quiet and shy kid that I thought he would cry and not want to go. Ha I was so wrong...We were out their waiting for the bus like 20 minutes early. He was a bundle of excitement the whole morning. (Isaac has afternoon kindergarten and gets on the bus at 11:00) He came home just fine and was excited to tell me all about his day. Their are 2 kids from his preschool class in his kindergarten class so to me that made the whole transition much better.

Hannah got home stating that she was so worried about Isaac all day! She was worried that he wasn't going to get off the bus at the right stop so she sat with him on the way home. It makes me feel so good that they care about each other so much!

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Aimee said...

Hey Shawna! It was fun running into you at orientation the other day. Sorry we didn't stop to talk real long - Peyton wasn't feeling well. We only stayed at her open house for about 15 minutes, then headed to the doctor. She has mono...of all things, seriously!! Anyway, hopefully we'll run into you again soon! Glad to hear the kids had a good first day of school. They're growing up so fast!!!