Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last Thursday morning we hit the road and drove up to my parents in Brainard. Other then our stop at McDonald's half way up it was an uneventful drive. Buddy (our doof of a dog) provided entertainment for the whole restaurant by sitting in the drivers seat waiting for us to come back out. He looked really funny sitting there-it looked like he was really driving. The kids had a nice time following grandpa around the yard all day and that night we went for a walk across the street to see the horses. At 1st I was kind of disappointed because they were 1/2 way across the field but grandpa saved the day by making horse noises at them and all 5 of them came trotting over to us. Dumb Buddy was so excited to see them that he went to run to them and ran right into the barbed wire fence so I had to go get his leash.

Friday we headed for home again and stopped in Garrison to visit great grandma and grandpa. I had a great time chit chatting while the kids ran up and down their new handy cap ramp. Funny what kids will find to play with.
Saturday was our nieces 3rd birthday and we celebrated at Joe's parents house. The kids had a blast playing with Hazel. Avril and her really got along well. (which doesn't happen to often) Joe, Barb, & Beth went to a haunted house in Anoka that night. Joe & Beth said it wasn't that scary but, Barb was so scared that it made it fun for them. Beth got a good beating from Barb though. Barb would get scared and start running with Beth out in front of her. Well that was all fine and dandy until the hallway suddenly turned and Beth was smashed into a wall. (No I didn't go-I am far too scared for that stuff)
Finally, Sunday was truly a day of rest. We did absolutely nothing all day!!

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