Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's been an exhausting week and a half. Owen has yet another ear infection and had a fever for 3 days over the weekend. He insists on being held and won't let Joe or I get more then a foot away from him. Well with Owen requiring so much attention, Avril goes into one of her moods and is extremely needy too. I have decided to go get a book I heard about for Avril. It's called 'Parenting the Strong Willed Child'. My hairdresser suggested it and I am to the point that I will try anything. Just yesterday she decided to go into one of her fits for like 15 minutes while I was making lunch so I set her out on the deck for a second and when I let her back in she was back to normal. Well enough about our little problems.
Isaac started wrestling last week and I am a little frightened because Isaac isn't an aggressive child. So we have to see how it goes. Hannah also has her 1st swim meet this Friday!!!

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