Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Stuff

Hannah is the Musketeer in the Middle
Life just isn't going to slow down enough for me to keep this updated as much as I should. Hannah was in a Hansel & Gretel this past weekend as a dancing cookie. She didn't seem scared at all, actually she seemed to know her parts better then most of the other kids. We are all glad it's over though, practice started way back in September and with Swimming also we have just been running, running, running. Then over the weekend she had to bake her 2 cakes for an Arts & Academics thing at school. The 1st cake she made last Wednesday and then they called school off Thursday and Friday so we figured we had better just eat it. She has decided to be a baker when she grows up and as far as I am concerned she is off to a good start.Tony got a new puppy Drake and he is just too cute. He and Buddy will be great friends but very annoying. They just don't stop playing. Drake grabs onto Buddy's cheek and won't let go but as soon as he does Buddy takes his paw and plows the little guy back to him.

Other then that things are pretty mellow. I finished painting our entire main floor and love love love it!
I am officially in college as of the 13th. I am loving it so far but am finding it a little hard to concentrate on homework. I'll get it done though. I am leaving you all with my favorite pic of the week. And until next time Enjoy!

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