Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not to much is new around here. Um let me think....Oh sure Avril is 3 as of January 29th and of course had a birthday that lasted an entire week. She is growing up far to fast for this mommy along with everyone else in this household. No more diapers, no more nuk, no more help with hardly anything. UGH!
We celebrated by going out to eat on her birthday to AppleBees. It's become a past time for us because they are always willing to sing Happy Birthday and give the birthday person free desert. The kids love the attention from strangers! Then we went to Joe's parents for the traditional dinner, cake, presents and so on. Then on the following Saturday we brought a group of 9 kids to Maple Maze out in Maple Grove. Wow was that fun(yes I had an adult count of 4) but boy can those kids go, go, go. Let's just say we all slept great that night.
I am extremely busy right now with Girl Scout cookies and school seems to be kicking my butt. My only time to do homework is late and I can't seem to concentrait too much by then but, I will make it. I hope.
Pray for my grandma that she makes it though her surgery ok and for Joe that he either keeps or finds a job.
I will leave you all tonight with a picture of what happens to my house when the kids "help" put grocerys away!!

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