Friday, October 16, 2009

Vacation Needed

With this darn cold, crabby kids, snow and like 2 weeks of gloomy weather- I think we need a vacation! I keep telling myself that we just need to make it though Christmas then we are out-a here. To grandma's house we go! (Arkansas Grandma) Not that I want time to move to quickly...I do enjoy the holidays but even those mean more work.Anyways....We had our annual pumpkin carving over at Joe's parents last Saturday and as you can see....we ROCK! I love the mini competitions we all have and the general togetherness that the atmosphere brings. Isaac and Hannah both did their own pumpkins from start to finish this year, which to me was very impressive. So the winner this year was Barb but only because her pumpkin had a green tint around all the parts she cut and it looked the scariest. Hers is the one on the bottom row, right in the middle. (The picture does it no justice) Matt's MN Twins one comes in 2nd because everyone wanted to take it home.
Well ta-ta for now.

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