Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer is in full swing

Somehow when I talk, I don't listen to myself. After Elliot was born I said, "Let's take the summer off." Well that hasn't exactly happened and somehow we are finding our days full and our nights gone. I guess we are not busy with the normal sports, other than baseball. I found that I was one to three years late on doctor appointments and with school sports starting in the fall these appointments can no longer be tossed aside. I guess I don't quite understand what the point of a doctor appointment is if your child is well and growing at a good pace but boy do you get a guilt trip when you make that appointment stating they haven't seen a doctor in three years. Oops and oh well! So with that and Avril in swim lessons and trying to keep the kids busy enough to keep their hands off each other we are pretty busy. I have also been trying to cram in all my "put aside for a rainy day" to do list before I start school again, NEXT MONDAY. So until something super exciting happens again, I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow is another day;) Here are some of my favorite recent pics of the fam.

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